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Search engine barometer - November 2008
Another successful month for Google

This barometer is published every month to follow the main trends in search engine visit shares. Below is the barometer for November 2008.
  • Study conducted from the 1st to the 30th of November 2008
  • Cross-section of 96 254 websites audited by XiTi
Within the top 5, only AOL maintains its share of visits facing Google

In November 2008, Google has had the strongest increase in points (+0.18) with a share of visits of 91.20 %, vs 91.02 % in October 2008.

Yahoo!, the second of this barometer (2.50 %), Live Search, 3rd (2.05 %) and Orange, 5th (1.08 %) are always losing ground, with Orange suffering from the strongest decline of the top 10 (-8.7 %). On the opposite side AOL, 4th (1.40 %), remains stable versus the previous month., which entered our barometer in October, still holds the 6th rank and gains ground (0.55 % vs 0.48 %). Free, Alice and Ask keep their places from 7 to 9, while the Russian engine Yandex has just taken the 10th range to Altavista with a very discreet share of visits of 0.06 % in November.



Stay tuned as XiTi Monitor will provide a new search engine update next month.


This search engine indicator concerns French-speaking websites.

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